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Worumbo Mill Lisbon Falls Maine

We gently laid down the Worumbo Mill in Lisbon Falls Maine with the only privately owned high reach excavator. This demolition ran smoothly. We even learned a new thing or two along the way about the building, such as it was built in 1864 and it was the community’s largest employer until a large fire in 1987. The building was never the same after that fire. It then became an inspiration to a well-known author Steven King. He wrote 11/22/63 which was a book about a time traveler that went back to 11/22/63 to try and stop the JFK assassination. Our heavy-duty equipment clawed away at the historical building bit by bit. The fact we are fully equipped with our own heavy duty equipment ranging from excavators of all sizes to our town fleet of trucks and trailers. We accomplished our goal and had the building down in a timely manner.

Demolition of the Worumbo Mill in Lisbon Falls, Maine

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